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Ever be good at something yet every victory feels empty?     Maybe the crowns you thinking you are competing for aren’t the crowns you should be worried about.  Sometimes doing something challenging should be based on a celebration of what our bodies can achieve and thru that celebration, inspire and motivate others to aspire to be able to put out the effort they are capable of.  It may not be at the same level as others, but at the end of the day, a champion experience can be achieved by full effort thru participation instead of watching on the sidelines....

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Whats worst is we can't even see it to tell it how we feel about it.  Especially when we feel gravity get exponentially greater by slapping on 2.5 lbs ( 1 kilo) extra above our pr.

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" Bigger than any one single person, but also for everyone to be free to be who you are and love who you love with out hate and discrimination"

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