TFX 2023

TFX 2023

Started with a sketch....

now we here.

tfx cambro booth set up

In true Texas January fashion it was hot, it was cold... with a lil bit o' moisture. 
Big shout out to Kool River Media for getting our concert stage style booth up and running.  

Our apparel for the weekend line up included some classics like Thiccc Boy Lifting Club, LFTHVYSHT, AntiGravity Gravity Club, along with some new ones like I Love the 90's CAMBRO Signature tee ( aka ZAK MORRIS would be proud...look it up gen x'ers if you dont know), Risk Everything and our new Rose Drip Sweater that sold out pretty quick.

 Blitz and his team of Rebecca, Matt and Jarrod stopped by for a bit...

Feelings were abused by the workouts at some point, thankfully some of the kids were dressed for the occassion atleast...

 clay farris in i love the 90s tee 
(images courtesy of ig: @NLPHOVIDS)

The community made sure the event was fun and it was great meeting some pretty active members supporting their athletes through out the weekend.  You truly get to see what seperates a good coach from a great coach.

2023 season has officially begun. 

(images courtesy of ig: @auburnmedia)


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