Project Debrief: "Better Together: Austin Barbell x Bexar Barbell"

Project Debrief: "Better Together: Austin Barbell x Bexar Barbell"

We were engaged to produce custom artwork for a collaborative project between two barbell weightlifting clubs, Austin Barbell from Austin, TX and BEXAR Barbell out of San Antonio, TX. Our role was to create a visually engaging and compelling piece that aligned with the project's objectives and enhanced the overall message and brand image of both companies. Through the artwork we created, we aimed to effectively communicate the shared vision and goals of the two clubs, while also providing a unique and memorable aesthetic that sets the collaboration apart from other ventures. Our focus is on creating artwork that not only met the needs and expectations of our clients but also resonates with the intended audience and contributes to the success of the collaboration. 

We started off with a sketch which depicted the tone of the art piece.  A bear head hugging roses...

aggressive bear sketch
After intitial review, the clubs felt the bear head needed to be a little more inviting and not as aggressive.  Something that emitted nurturing and caring symbolism, so naturally with TED the movie blasting in the background of the office, it was easy to visualize a battle scared teddy bear to replace the angry bear.  Doing a switch meant having to recreate how the paws looked and then the roses had to match the doodle art style as well. The result was this...

teddy bear patch

Fast forward to fleshing out the tones and details, adding a ultra clean barbell, our signature skull and bolt over the patch and some crisp vintage type, the final product was very huggable.

better together final art

Finally, the mock ups for pre order, 

better together tee mock up

better together long sleeve mock up

Extremely happy with the results and we can not wait to see the athletes rocking the new merch we will be producing.

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