Equality of Opportunity

Equality of Opportunity

Equality of Opportunity
Thru hard work, everyone gets the same opportunity of greatness.

Team Lonestar

Two years plus in the making.  Our team from Crossfit Lonestar consists of a group of athletes (Casey, Clay, Sharon and Kristen) that are not a stranger to adversity or competition. If steel is made harder in the flames, then no doubt these four have been forged in the hottest of hell fires.  Spirits unbroken and sealed with infinite

Let's just take a step back and reflect on the kind of determination to stick with a grueling training regime thru a global pandemic knowing that they'd have to be ready when the world opens up.  Who really knew when that would happen? Added with the Monday - Friday 8 to 5 day job.  From parenthood to serving in the armed forces to even blue collar labor.   Excuses could have been made but weren't.  

The work is never finished.  The spirit is never diminished. Greatness awaits in Madison. On to the the 2021 Crossfit Games.     

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