Posted by Team CAMBRO on 9th Nov 2020

Project Bolt

Project Bolt is a campaign in CAM.BRO that has been created in light of various events.  Before we get into it a little more in depth we have to go back into history of our logo.  

Since the inception of CAM.BRO way back in 2012, our logo has always had a main graphic element of a skull.  Based on Momento Mori (Remember you will die), a skull was important for us to have in our media whenever possible. This year, as everyone else, we have endured various challenges we never thought we would with the global pandemic caused by Covid-19. We all forget that death is at our doorsteps waiting to open the door at any given moment.  It's human nature. Take solace in knowing at the end of the day, when you lay down to sleep, you did the best you can with what you had. If you didn't, then hopefully if and when you wake up, you have another chance to do so. 

Thats where Project Bolt comes in.  Although the skull will remain our main logo element, we will aggressively be pushing the lightning bolt secondary element in future items that are yet to be released. The "bolt" will be a reminder that our time here is limited, so make each thing you do worth it.  Make the actions or moments "electric". If you are not getting goose bumps, feeling excited or passionate about what or why you are doing something, then we have to ask ourselves, "Why do it?".  

Hope you are able to find the reasoning of why.  If not, find the courage to make the change you need to make.  Make it worth it.  Make it ELECTRIC.