Posted by Jessi Prochaska, B.S. in Nutrition, CF L1 Coach, NASM Certified Personal Trainer on 24th Aug 2020


It's all about mindset.

From the moment that you wake up to the moment you rest your head at night.

Everything is up to you!!!

Your moments, your thoughts, your reactions, and your perception.


When you wake up in the morning what are the thoughts that go through your head? Do you even have any thoughts at all?

Personally I have 3 daily goals every single morning:

1:What I can do today to be a better wife, friend, and family member.

2: How can I make my business grow by helping others more.

3: What can I do today to reach my health and fitness goals.


If you don't wake up every single morning with a mindset full of growth and productivity, how can you measure if you're progressing in life?

You can't really.

Try something different this week. Wake up, say 3 goals out loud, write them down if want, and when you prepare to go to bed at night reflect on what you did to achieve those goals.

By getting your mindset in check from the moment you wake up you will literally watch your life begin to transform in front of your eyes.

You'll think twice about certain things you'll say, or maybe say things that you've been too fearful too. Your days will be more productive, or maybe less cluttered if that's your goal.

Whatever your 3 daily goals are try this simple morning mindset ritual and tell us how it's helping you achieve your goals.