Destroy Excuses

Posted by Emma on 23rd Jun 2020

Destroy Excuses

"You are a work in progress..."

Do not seek comfort in excuses. Remember that excuses are the enemy. They make quick jabs at our goals when we are weak and unarmed. What hits us the hardest is the progress we put on hold by offering excuses not to grind. That is time and work we can never get back. Counterattack. Equip yourself with the necessary tools to accomplish every goal you have set before you. We must suit up with courage, conviction, efficiency, and ambition in preparation for battle. Push forward when the going gets tough so that you leave absolutely no room for excuses and the missed opportunities they are accompanied by. Gear up to destroy excuses.

There comes a point in your journey, whether it be fitness or life, that you have to be real with yourself and distinguish between justifications and excuses. It’s normal to not do well on a certain workout because of external factors. Maybe you ate too much or too little, didn’t get enough rest, or are stressing from situations in your daily life. All of that is fine. It’s justifiable. It happens. But when you begin to frequently and internally convince yourself you are inadequate because of x or y, progress comes to a screeching halt. Excuses make way for comfortability, and comfort is complacency. How do you expect to make gains if you are not committing entirely to the grind? You are a work in progress but you must be willing to nurture growth instead of easily copping-out of the work that must be done. Once you are in the habit of making excuses you can quite easily get stuck in that mindset. It’s very possible to unlearn unhealthy habits and form new habits that are beneficial on a personal level but it is WORK. One way to combat excuses is to always have both short term and long term goals on deck. Having a target to shoot for day after day will help hold you accountable. You will be forced to face obstacles head-on instead of hiding from them. Take a few deep breaths to keep you grounded and then push right on. You are a force to be reckoned with. Will you rise to the challenge and destroy excuses? Or will you falter? The choice is yours. Always.

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