7th Mar 2017

Unchained Nutrition Intro

What does Unchained Nutrition offer?

Unchained Nutrition is a specific nutrition program, custom to

each individual based on their goals. Whether you are interested in

gaining, maintaining, or losing weight the possibilities are up to you.

We build our program on Macro counting, which ensures that you are

properly getting the right amounts of Proteins Carbohydrates, and Fats.

Our program is not only catered to individuals who work out regularly,

but for all types of individuals and activity levels. The point behind

flexible dieting is just that, you get to be creative and chose the foods

you want to fill the numbers assigned to you. This allows you to still

enjoy your favorite foods, while being conscious of how much fits your

macros. You will use tools like a food scale, measuring cups/spoons,

apps, and food labels to determine the serving size and macros. This is

NOT a meal plan diet as far as us giving you a menu of what your

breakfast, lunch, and dinner will be. What's the fun in that?!? You are

assigned a coach that will be available to help with any questions or

concerns you might have. Communication between both coach and

client will lead to success, so never be afraid to ask questions. Like all

new things, it may be very challenging at first but it gets easier as you

learn what foods fit well with your macros. Our program is for anyone

seriously committed to making a change. This is not a quick fix, crash

diet, or Monday - Thursday only program. The nutrition coaching

experience you’ll receive with Unchained Nutrition will also help you

build a better relationship with food, while gaining a better

understanding of the what nutrients your body needs to fuel itself.