KWA #3: Commitments Matter

Posted by Jeremy S. on 20th Mar 2017

KWA #3: Commitments Matter

:::::::: AMMUNITION TO INSPIRE :::::::::::::

Commitments Matter!!! Be really careful when and how you make them.

Your relationships and credibility relies on it.......

If you realize you can't honor a commitment......own it. Declare it early. Don't make excuses for it, or provide some non-relevant rationale.

Don't make excuses. Don't blame.

Just own that shit. Calibrate where you are, what your capacity and capabilities are, and re-commit.

But when you re-commit, you better be ready to deliver.

People will tolerate recommitting, and respect humility. But for only so long, and so far.

At some point, if you continue to miss deadlines, not do what you say you're going to do....

People will notice and start to discount you. They wont trust you. Then its a monumental task to get that respect back.

Honor commitments, like a currency. Like they are the most important thing.

... And watch how they can give you immense Power and Respect

Live Fully!

Jeremy T. Correll Smith
Mindset & Accountability Mentor