KWA #2 : Ammunition to Inspire

Posted by Jeremy S. on 13th Mar 2017

KWA #2 : Ammunition to Inspire

::::::::: Ammunition to Inspire::::::::::
Most people work hard to maintain the status quo, to be average, like everyone else. They work to resist change. It’s safe. It’s familiar.

It’s part of our DNA.

You see, 50,000 years ago IT WAS in our best interests to stay safe, average and part of a tribe of people that all thought the same thing….

There was protection in the tribe. It kept us alive.

However, today, we’re not being chased by saber tooth tigers, or defending against warring villages. Society has changed, but the way our mind operates hasn’t.

Here’s the truth today:

Average | Safe | Familiar = MEDIOCRE

Life is way too short to be Average, Safe, Familiar, MEDIOCRE.


Step UP and move in the direction of Creating Something Uniquely Worthwhile to YOU.


That’s all.

Live Fully!

Jeremy T. Correll Smith
Mindset & Accountability Mentor

KillWolf Academy