Kill Wolf Academy: Ammunition to Inspire II

Posted by Jeremy S. on 27th Mar 2017

Kill Wolf Academy: Ammunition to Inspire II

::::::::::Ammunition to Inspire::::::::::

Consistency Creates Certainty

When you do the work, (a.k.a. practice, train, make investments) everyday, you will inevitably build certainty and confidence in those areas.

When I trained for Kokoro, i ran a mile (or more) almost everyday. I did pushups everyday. I did pull-ups, squats, and planks….. everyday. I trained hard for long periods of time. All getting ready for the real thing during Kokoro.

And guess what…… I went into the event feeling certain (and highly confident) that I would smash those evolutions…. And I did for the most part.

The thing that I didn’t train, practice, or invest in, was rucking. I assumed that I could just push myself through it. I didn’t respect that portion of the event.

And it was the one that got me. It became obvious pretty quickly that i was way underprepared for that final evolution. As soon as we started, i was uncertain…. i was nervous, and my stories about how unprepared i was, and how slow I was eventually affected my physical body and did me in.

Figure out what you truly want.

Do the fucking work everyday, to get you closer to what you want. Invest in what you want to see created. Hit singles. But hit them everyday.

And watch, how magically you gain confidence in those areas, and how the results start to compound…..


Jeremy T. Correll Smith
Mindset & Accountability Mentor
KillWolf Academy