About Us

Welcome.  My name is Rocky Lozano, i own CAM.BRO Apparel.  Along with myself, we have three traveling sales teams in Texas and three part timers who help at HQ.  I design, print, manage social media and travel as well.  We cater to a limited amount of gyms around the world for their own apparel needs, along with shipping our own pieces globally on a daily basis.  

When we release something, we make x amount.  If a certain size sells out over the weekend then when an order comes in we produce from scratch the item and ship out as soon as we can.  Sometimes depending on workload it ships same day as ordered sometimes within the week.  So if we are traveling Friday and returning Monday back to HQ, that gives us Tues - Thurs to produce items we are out of stock in. There is circumstances that delay shipment at which point we don't mind refunding.  Its not in our interest to keep money for product not received. Rest assured that we take every order serious and try to make it happen as fast as we can. Some might ask, well if you don't have in stock why keep it on the website.  A couple reasons, having it published helps keep people from saying oh we came up with that first you need to take it down ( its happened a few times back in 2014), second, some people we meet don't get an item cause its sold out, so we invite them to order online and we make it from scratch for them. We are working on a more dynamic website that can keep product inventory information a lot better.  

Email system and messaging is cumbersome and works sometimes.  Best way to get ahold of me is by sending a text message to 956.878.6157 and I can check on the order and if there are any issues.   

We started this company in 2012, been hustling week in and week out ever since and will continue to do so. Thanks for your patience, for your interest in our company and for any support.  

If you want to know more information about the company here was our original about us.

CAMBRO (Come At Me Bro) is taking the bull by the horns. CAMBRO is about rising to overcome and being more triumphant than you have ever been. CAMBRO is the ability to say yes to a physical challenge when a multitude of others would say no. CAMBRO is the fearless and relentless pursuit of physical and mental wellness. CAMBRO is the ownership of supreme strength in dealing with any form of weakness.

When you wear CAMBRO Apparel during your workout or daily life routine, let it be a reminder that there is no life obstacle that you can't overcome!